Our story...

My fascination with nature and love of trees started at a young age playing outside in the wooded areas around my neighborhood.

During one of our family vacations at Townsends Inlet I came across a log on the beach. I carried that log around on vacation. The log came home with me and I continued to carry it around.

In my early 20's I purchased a $40 chainsaw at a yard sale, loaded it into my $900 pickup truck and Lord's Tree Service was launched.

During the holidays I sold Christmas trees so I could purchase more equipment. Everyone got a business card with their Christmas tree.

Over the years as the business grew, I found myself working on wooded properties doing land clearing and woodland preservation. I was intrigued with what nature had created from the dead and fallen trees. The woodpeckers carved away wood at the upper part of the trees while ants meticulously sculptured the wood at the base of the tree....it was art.

After almost 40 years of tree work I have accumulated so many interesting pieces of wood uniquely created by nature.

Some Weathered.
Some Rotted.
Some oddities with stuff grown in it.

The recent purchase of a saw mill inspired us to open Uprooted Woodworks.